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Posted by Judy Moore on 1/2/2022

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Building a custom new home allows you to create a home thatís well-suited to your needs and lifestyle. Floor plans, color choices and fixture options are just some of the ways that you can adjust a home to your liking. Here are five other major ways to make a custom home truly yours.

Make the Basement Bigger With a Deep-Pour Basement

A deep-pour basement increases your basementís height by digging the foundation down deeper. Depending on how deep you want it, the increase in depth may just be 1 foot or it might be several feet.The purpose of a deep-pour basement isnít so much to increase storage space beneath your home, but rather to make your basement more comfortable to use. The increased height can be helpful if you eventually want a finished basement with overhead lighting fixtures.

Add Space to Rooms With Elevated Ceilings

Elevated ceilings increase the height of first- or second-floor rooms, usually for an aesthetic effect. Higher ceilings can make rooms look larger without increasing square footage, and higher ceilings can let in more natural light if oversized or additional windows are installed.

Depending on a homeís design, slightly elevated ceilings might be used throughout an entire floor. Alternatively, a single room might have an elevated ceiling that looks up to the second floor. 

Create Storage With Built-In Bookshelves

A home can never have enough storage, and you can increase your new homeís storage by adding built-in bookshelves. While you always have the option to buy standard bookshelves from a furniture store, they wonít be quite as nice as custom ones that are installed when the home is built. You can design every aspect of the shelves both so they look the way you want and accommodate your oversized books or personal touches.

Upgrade to an Expanded Garage

Upgrade your garage from a standard one- or two-car garage so that itíll better accommodate your future (or present) storage and vehicle needs. Even if you donít expect to need another parking space, you might still extend the length of your garage so that it can provide more room for large tools and gear.

Go for a Jacuzzi

A jacuzzi tub is a pleasant luxury anytime you feel sore, are cold or just want to relax. Itís also a fairly easy upgrade to put in when building out a master bathroom. Go for a jacuzzi in your master bath, and youíll reap the rewards every time you relax in the tub. You might also get a better selling price when you eventually move out, as master bath upgrades have some of the highest returns on home sale prices.

Make Your New Home Truly Yours

If any of these upgrades or customizations sound like something youíd appreciate, talk with your home builder about putting them in. A few customizations like these can make a big difference in how much you enjoy your new house.

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Posted by Judy Moore on 5/30/2021

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If youíre moving into a home with an older kitchen or if your current home has a more dated style, consider bringing it up-to-date with contemporary design. This style can freshen up your kitchen while giving it a more inviting atmosphere. Contemporary design includes a mix of minimalist, modern and classic elements that can enhance your kitchenís appearance and give it a more organized yet comfortable look and feel. Keep these tips in mind if youíre thinking of choosing a contemporary design for your kitchen.

Select White or Stainless Steel Appliances

White and stainless steel appliances give contemporary kitchens a clean and streamlined appearance. These appliances tend to pair well with warmer wood tones that are a common feature in contemporary kitchen designs.

Choose Warm Wood Tones

Wood floors in kitchens provide an organic, contemporary style compared to tile floors or other flooring materials. Consider putting in a hardwood floor, along with wooden shelves, to achieve this look. You might also want to include warm wood cabinets in your kitchen, especially if the rest of the room has a cooler color scheme.

Consider Slab Door Cabinets

Slab door cabinets are ones that donít have panels or frames as more traditional kitchen cabinets do. These slab door cabinets are an ideal choice for contemporary kitchens, since they offer a more streamlined look with straighter, flatter edges. You can choose darker tones for a more sophisticated look, or go with white or light gray tones for an airier appearance. Warm wood slab door cabinets are another option to consider for a more cheerful look.

Install a Bold Backsplash

Contemporary kitchens tend to emphasize the cleaner lines and minimalist designs of modern interior design. However, they also typically have elements that are bit bolder, such as tile backsplashes in vivid patterns. Add a tile backsplash to your kitchen in an eye-catching design to get this look. This backsplash can add visual appeal to your kitchen, especially if itís surrounded by white or neutral counters and cabinets.

Go with Black or White Overall

Contemporary kitchen design can include a mostly black or mostly white color scheme. If you choose a white color scheme, add touches of color and warmth to wood shelves and cabinets or natural stone counters. If you choose a black color scheme, add other colors, such as blues, for a dramatic appearance, or touches of light colors to keep it from being too dark overall.

Combine Sleek Cabinets with Wood Features

Sleek cabinets give contemporary kitchens a stylish and streamlined look. When you combine these with natural wood features, you get a blend of modern and classic styles. Cabinets with a sleek, shiny finish can be done in a wide range of colors, depending on the color scheme you want to go with. For natural wood features, such as countertops, floors and shelves, you can choose warm woods or darker woods that pair well with your cabinet color.

Put up Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting can give your kitchen a touch of luxury. You can hang this type of lighting over your kitchen island or over a kitchen table. Choose light fixtures with a classic look if the rest of your kitchen is filled with more modern elements, or pair a more modern pendant light fixture with minimalist elements.

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Posted by Judy Moore on 4/21/2019

Finding someplace to live can come with a long list of must-haves for each person contributing to the decision. The types of bathroom space can be a deal breaker for otherwise wonderful properties. The number of people utilizing those bathrooms and each personís daily schedule necessitates the requirement of the bathroom space. 

What is out there

Searching and checking off all the must-haves takes time and a lot of communication. Most places have at least one full bath that has a tub and shower or a combination of both. Older homes may not have a dedicated master bathroom, but instead, have what is called an en-suite bathroom. This arrangement means there are at least two entry points one from the master and the other from a hallway. The layout can separate the tub and shower from the rest of the space so more than one person can utilize the facilities at one time. This plan may not be quite as convenient to a household that tends to have similar schedules. Or messy people that leave things lying around in the bathroom, which makes for a combative living arrangement. In those cases, a dedicated master bathroom might be your answer.

Master bath

Having a separate bathroom off a bedroom can feel like an oasis from the pressures of your day. Often, they boast extra amenities like a full-size soaking tub or a walk-in tile shower or both. A master bathroom can give you efficiency during the morning and evening routines since you don't have to share the space with the entire household. Options can include double sinks, a water closet (toilet in a separate room with a door), connecting to a walk-in closet and radiant flooring to keep your toes warm on cold mornings. Master bathrooms don't have to be super luxe to feel like a separate private space. They are a good idea if you need to get away without leaving home.

Jack and Jill

Another bathroom layout that not often seen in newer homes is the Jack and Jill bath. This design consists of a full bath between two bedrooms. This layout may have a door separating the shower/tub from the rest of the bathroom, too, allowing more than one person to use the bathroom at the same time similar to the en-suite layout. All the above-mentioned bathroom layouts need consideration when you are looking for a new living space.

Contact your realtor for more information on the options for bathroom layouts in your area.

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